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Red Lentil Curry


This is a Real Simple recipe.

Most Sundays I cook a big batch of something protein-rich to eat for dinner throughout the week. This was one of my more successful attempts: its deliciously complex and the flavors kept up over a few days in the refrigerator (probably due to the scallion and lime wedge toppings). Most of the ingredients are pantry staples and I think that other vegetables could be added to make this even more wholesome.

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Red Wine Lentils

2013-06-19 18.11.06

This is a Martha Stewart recipe.

In Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain distinguishes restaurant and home cooking by the amount of butter used and the use of shallots. This recipe uses butter and shallots, which might be why it tastes so delicious.

This is a great recipe to have on hand if, like me, you open a bottle of red wine, drink a glass, and then forget about the rest of the bottle until it’s too far gone for consumption by itself. It’s a great way to use wine left out after a party or two buck Chuck.

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