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Tomato Sauce with Butter and Onions


This is an Essentials of Italian Cooking recipe that I saw on Smitten Kitchen.

This is the first homemade marinara sauce recipe I ever made from scratch, and it is the only one that I will ever make. I may occasionally literally lick the plate clean to consume all of this pasta sauce. This behavior was probably more acceptable when I lived alone.

This is an incredibly easy weeknight dinner, and the leftovers are delicious for lunch the next few days as well. Just make sure you don’t put your sauce on the stove, pour yourself a glass of wine, and take a long bath because then your pasta sauce will burn from neglect (true story).

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This is a recipe from The Mozza Cookbook.

So I set off the smoke detector in my apartment the other day.

I’ve made this pizza recipe several times before, but I was always too lazy to dust the bottom of my dough with semolina flour. I’d already bought rye flour and wheat germ specifically for this recipe, so why drop close to $4 at Ralph’s for a finishing touch? This time, however, I was determined to “do it right.”

Ah, hubris. Within minutes of popping the pizza into the oven there was smoke, the wailing of smoke detectors, and the gnashing of teeth. I had forgotten to clear away the excess semolina flour, which was rapidly turning into carbon in the 550 degree oven. Much flapping of dish towels and opening of windows ensued.

However, the pizza was still as delicious as always. I’ve tried several other homemade pizza recipes, and despite the funky/expensive ingredients, this really is the best. Just, you know, be careful not to burn your house down.

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