Stovetop Popcorn


I can’t believe I’m really presenting this as a “recipe.”

There are three ways I could pitch this.

First, I could emphasize that there are only three ingredients, which is far fewer than in microwave popcorn. But fewer ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean its any healthier.

Second, I could emphasize that this recipe is so simple that a monkey could follow it, assuming that a monkey knows enough about stovetop safety. But let’s be honest, sticking a bag the right side down in the microwave is obviously easier than this method.

Third, I could emphasize how cheap this recipe is. Microwave popcorn is surprisingly expensive. However, unless you eat a lot of popcorn, the difference only amounts to a few dollars.

Instead I will just say that this is how I make popcorn and I like it, so you should try it.

Unpopped popcorn kernels
Canola oil (coconut oil also works)

Pour enough oil in a pot to coat the bottom. If you pour too much in, pour it back or dump it out. Put two kernels in the oil. Cover with a fitted top and heat on medium heat. Once the two kernels pop, add as many kernels as you desire (but no more than a single layer).


Cook, shaking intermittently, until all the kernels have popped. Pour into a bowl and salt.




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2 responses to “Stovetop Popcorn

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